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Carver's Creek State Park
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Carver's Creek State Park
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Carver's Creek State Park


Many of the North Carolina State Parks offer camping, hiking, bridal trails, boating, and lodging facilities that include cabins. Please visit the links provided to North Carolina State Parks for complete and current information about specific activities and amenities available at each park.

Carver's Creek wildlife
Special thanks to The Nature Conservancy

Carver's Creek State Park
GPS coordinates: 35.1858, -78.8781
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Carver's Creek
Carver's Creek State Park, North Carolina

Contact information:

Carver's Creek State Park
2200 Long Valley Road,
Spring Lake, NC 28390
Office: (910) 692-2167

Carver's Creek State Park Master Plan - pdf
Carver's Creek State Concept Fact Sheet - pdf

Carver's Creek State Park was authorized by the General Assembly in 2005 as North Carolina's 36th state park and is in the early stages of development for public use. A master plan is being prepared for what will be Carvers Creek State Park in Cumberland County, will likely encompass more than 4,000 acres. Until interim park facilities are constructed, no recreational public access is provided at this time. Check back on this website for updates on the interim development of the park.

With the help of The Nature Conservancy, 1,371 acres of longleaf pine forest near U.S. 401 north of Fayetteville became the first acquisition and additional pending land acquisition will expand the park to the eastern edge of Ft. Bragg. The Recreation dept. accepted the donation of the 1,420-acre Long Valley Farm from The Nature Conservancy, once the estate of James Stillman Rockefeller. The conservancy continues to identify and assist with potential acquisitions, and to date, the park is 2812 acres.

Carver's Creek wildlife
Female Red-cockaded Woodpecker

This longleaf pine ecosystem is an important habitat for several endangered and protected plant and animal species, most notably the red-cockaded woodpecker. The Sandhills is host to the second-largest remaining population of this federally endangered bird. The Red-cockaded Woodpecker plays a vital role in the intricate web of life of the southern pine forests. A number of other birds and small mammals use the cavities excavated by Red-cockaded Woodpeckers, such as chickadees, bluebirds, titmice, and several other woodpecker species, including the Downy, Hairy, and Red-bellied Woodpeckers.

Carver's Creek wildlife
Red-cockaded Woodpecker, Picoides borealis, detail--heads of male (left) and female (right), offset reproduction of painting

The Carver's Creek plan explores ways to protect this important ecosystem while developing traditional park amenities. The master plan balances the mission of protecting and preserving natural resources with what types of recreation will be encouraged and where visitor amenities will be located.

Some of the concepts being developed include a boardwalk through the Cyprus-Gum swamp, canoe and kayak facilities fishing reserves, and camping development. Throughout the Sandhill property there are opportunities for muti-use trails for hiking and primitive camping. The multi-use trail extends to the Cape Fear River with access to waterfalls, picnicking and access to the future Cape Fear Greenway.

The master plan for Carver's Creek State Park will be a blueprint for development of traditional state park amenities and for continued protection of the park's important natural resources, including the headwaters of Carvers Creek. The master plan must also take into account any additional land acquisition and recreation needs of the community and the state. Public involvement in the process of creating a master plan and in the long-term development of Carvers Creek State Park is important. Use the links above to learn more about the master planning process for Carvers Creek State Park.


Pitcher Plants
Pitcher Plants found in the wild.
Cyprus Gum Swamp
Cyprus Gum Swamp in Carver's Creek State Park.


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Carver's Creek State Park
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